Ground Coffee for Moka Pot 227g Tin


Do you wake up and smell the coffee?

Most Italians will have memories of their family using a Moka pot, filling their home with the delightful smell of coffee. That’s because the beloved Moka pot is an Italian staple, and if you have one, our Moka grind is the perfect consistency to use. Fill the air with hints of mild spice and tropical fruits. It’s joy before you even get to taste it.

Our Signature Italian Espresso blend

Bloomsbury’s eclectic community has been drinking our coffee since 1981, and just like our surroundings, our coffee has moved with the times. Our blend is a modern-classic that we’ve continuously refined – championing the balance between Arabica, a sweet variety of coffee, and Robusta, Arabica’s strong, stubborn, punchy parent that has twice the caffeine and boasts a bite.

  • Preparation & size: Medium-fine, ground coffee usually used in a Moka pot | 227g – sealed in a ring-pull tin for ultimate freshness
  • Composition:  Responsibly sourced, specially selected Arabica & Robusta
  • Profile: Evenly balanced – dark chocolate, caramel and roasted nut with very subtle notes of citrus zest
  • Taste & Aromas: Smooth and rounded, full-bodied. Mild Spice & tropical fruits
  • Roast:  Medium – Dark roast
  • Intensity: Strong yet smooth and aromatic

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